Skiing and Snowboarding are sports that you can enjoy with your family and friends for a lifetime!  Once you master a few simple skills on the slopes, a whole new world of thrill and memories will follow!

Before You Get Here:

Tip #1:  Start at Home.

Getting ready for your trip to Tuxedo Ridge starts at home.  You will be on the snow in cold temperatures, so dressing appropriately is very important.  Wearing inadequate or non-waterproof clothing is a surefire way to ensure your experience will not be the best, so plan ahead!

Necessities:  sweater, long johns, thick socks (bring an extra pair!), snow pants, waterproof gloves/mittens, scarf and winter jacket.

Optional/Suggested Items: helmet, sunscreen (UV rays reflect off the snow!), chapstick, sunglasses or goggles.

Tip #2:  Pack a Snack

Tuxedo Ridge has both a cafeteria style Lodge and sit-down family-friendly pub complete with meals and snacks.  However, please feel free to brown-bag a snack and enjoy it in our Warming Hut after working up an appetite on the slopes!

Tip #3:  Check the Car.

Before you leave the parking lot, make sure you have your hat, mittens, etc. with you before you walk across the street.  You’ll be glad you did!  However, if you did forget something, do not worry--our retail shop has you covered.

Tip #4:  Navigate Ticket Sales/Rentals Like a Pro

Enter the Tickets/Rentals building at the base of the lodge.  If you are renting boots, skis, snowboards or helmets, fill out a rental form FIRST.  Then, purchase your lift ticket (this allows you to be on the snow), rentals, daily locker and lessons at the window.  A daily locker is a great idea--store your keys, snack and extra socks until you're ready for them later in the day.  Find out more on pricing and packages.

Tip #5:  Take a Lesson.

Sure, your friend/cousin/parent/child/significant other offered to teach you how to ski or ride… It may seem like a good idea, but research shows that those who take lessons from a professional instructor are more likely to enjoy their time on the slopes and come back for more.  After that initial lesson or two, you’ll be able to keep up with your buddy and pick up tips more easily with their assistance.   Learn more about lessons at Tuxedo Ridge by clicking here.

Tip #6:  Everyone Falls… Get Back Up!

Falling is part of learning when it comes to skiing and snowboarding.  Afterall, you are sliding on a board(s) on snow!  Get back on your feet and try again—once you get it, you’ve got it for good!


Are skiing and snowboarding dangerous sports?

According to the National Ski Areas Association (, ‘skiing and snowboarding are no more dangerous than other high-energy participation sports, and less so than some common activities. However, they are challenging and require physical skills that are only learned over time with practice. ‘  To help reduce risk of injury, always wear a helmet and take a lesson to learn the proper skills and techniques of the sport.

How much will skiing/snowboarding cost?

At the bare minimum, you need a lift ticket if you have your own equipment.  Tuxedo Ridge has special deals and discounts, and offers very affordable and competitive lift ticket rates.  If you need a lift ticket, rentals and a lesson, we recommend you purchase a package, which saves you some money!